Strategy Services

Grassroots Solutions strategy services include:


Our step-by-step engagement blueprints will help you create and sustain relationships amongst the constituencies you care about most, whether your goal is immediate-term action or building long-term grassroots capacity.

Grassroots Capacity Assessments

Our experienced organizers will help you create a framework for your grassroots efforts — by quickly assessing your available resources and potential obstacles, exploring applicable national or state-based models, and by analyzing the political, issue or organizing landscape in which you’re operating.

Advocacy and Electoral Targeting

Our team of analysts will turn complicated data into plain English, creating targeting strategies to pinpoint which voters, decision-makers, constituencies and geographies to focus on for the greatest return on your investments. We integrate micro-targeting to your benefit.

Online/Offline Integration

Our team can help you identify the best mix of online and offline engagement strategies that will leverage your field organizing, grasstops, marketing, and communications objectives.

Goals and Metrics Development

Our field experience and our emphasis on accountability will help you develop actionable goals and concrete and manageable benchmarks, along with budgets and timeframes that will realistically support your grassroots efforts.

Strategy Consulting and Facilitation

Our firm will bring its decades of experience to bear on your strategic challenges, helping you and your partners to ask the most salient questions, evaluate the risks and rewards of your options, explore the political implications of different scenarios, or just serve as a general strategic backstop to your decision-making.