Nonprofits and Labor

What are your objectives?

  • I want to figure out how to move my state’s legislators, Senators or Congress members on a policy issue critical to my organization.
  • I want to expand my membership or supporter base and create engagement mechanisms that allow me to retain new members.
  • I need to evaluate an advocacy campaign or civic engagement program.
  • I need to integrate my online and offline organizing strategies.
  • I need to train my organization’s volunteers and leaders in advocacy or electoral work.
  • I want to engage community members and key leaders in community planning.

We have your grassroots solution.

“At a crucial time for so many organizations and issues in our country, Grassroots Solutions’ strategic, hands-on approach to organizing is invaluable. They bring a unique combination of creative strategic thinking and pound-the-pavement organizing to issue and campaign work. Their results speak for themselves, and I highly recommend them.”

-Cecile Richards
President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and former President of America Votes