Ensuring the Freedom to Marry for All Couples

Against the backdrop of new support from President Obama and the fierce politics of a presidential election, Grassroots Solutions is bringing its organizing superpower to an historic campaign for marriage equality.

Today, 31 states have a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, including a ban passed in North Carolina just one month ago. This November, Minnesota will be the next state with a proposed amendment on the ballot that defines marriage as between a man and woman.

Until now, gay-marriage rights initiatives have never been successful when put to a vote at the ballot box, but we aim to change that. Working together with Minnesotans United for All Families, Grassroots Solutions aims to make Minnesota the first state to reject a constitutional amendment limiting the freedom to marry.

The largest grassroots campaign in Minnesota.

We’re starting by asking people to take a pledge to vote No on Minnesota’s anti-equality ballot measure and our strategies will fan out from there — working the ground game and the interwebs to try to touch as many voters across the state as possible. The Grassroots Solutions team is helping Minnesotans United behind the scenes developing strategies to reach voters on-the-ground and online through social media and email, to generate a massive effort to educate voters and ask them to show up for this historic ballot measure.

Hearing from friends and family

Our targeting and analytics experts are helping the campaign zero in on swing voters and what we call “soft supporters” of marriage equality as well. One of the things we all know is how much our friends’ and family’s opinions count when we’re trying to make important decisions.

Grassroots Solutions is helping Minnesotans United use new social media tools and other voter contact techniques specifically to make sure that the folks who haven’t made up their minds on gay marriage hear about the importance of this issue from people that they trust and care about. This will be especially important as the political noise level in Minnesota increases in the run up to Election Day.

Leading the conversation nationally.

We’ll keep you posted on this ground-breaking campaign with Minnesotans United. For another window into the national debate, our very own Monte Jarvis will be leading a panel discussion called, Marriage Equality: Past, present and Future at Netroots Nation on June 7. The panel will brings together leading activists and experts—including Richard Carlblom from the Minnesotans United for All Families campaign—to explore and discuss the lessons learned from marriage equality fights across the country. Stay tuned as we hope to broadcast the live stream here on our website.