New Documentary Shines a Light on Bullying

Bullying is a rising crisis in our schools, and children with learning disabilities are at particular risk for being bullied. Grassroots Solutions and our partners at EchoDitto are working with the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) to spread awareness about this issue, and to encourage people to learn more by seeing the film Bully, a new documentary opening in theaters in NYC and LA on March 30th.

To learn more about how kids with special needs are susceptible to bullying, watch NCLD’s exclusive interview with Bully director Lee Hirsh.

Grassroots Solutions and EchoDitto are helping NCLD and their task force partners Autism Speaks, Ability Path, and Pacer launch an integrated campaign that will:

  • Educate people about bullying as it relates to children with learning disabilities,
  • Drive people to see this important film, and
  • Provide children, parents and teachers dealing with learning disabilities with specialized support to help them better deal with issues surrounding bullying.

You can learn more about this issue by visiting Together we can help stop bullying.